ELTEC University

One of the great things about being a Technician at ELTEC is that we are all constantly learning from each other. By working together and sharing information with each other we are always getting better at working on all different types of equipment.

We, Mike Hastings and Steven Bryant, have also set up a program that we call ELTEC University (ELTEC U). Once a month we get all of our techs together to teach classes on everything from general print reading to specific onsite elevator training. Sometimes these classes are taught at our office in a classroom type setting with white boards and teaching props. Other times we meet at a one of our buildings and have hands on training where we set up problems on elevators and walk each tech through troubleshooting techniques.

Often times Mike and I aren’t as knowledgeable on specific equipment as the regular service tech. At which point the teachers become the students. This works especially well for us because we all get a chance to teach and share the knowledge we’ve accumulated.

We also have a Safety meeting twice a month where we talk about a preset safety topic at the beginning and have an open forum at the end. This allows us to discuss every related safety topic throughout the year and bring to light any unsafe conditions that we’ve encountered. Keeping Safety in the front of our minds helps insure we all make it home safely after each work day.

By Steven Bryant, Service Supervisor

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