Is your MCP code-compliant?

Howdy!  Let me tell you about our Maintenance Control Program (MCP).  This is the most dynamic part of the industry right now and it’s exciting to be on the front end, since Washington recently became the first state in the nation to enforce a code-compliant MCP.  The MCP requires that every part of every elevator be inspected, maintained, and tested according to a very detailed set of codes. So, ELTEC has assembled a crackerjack team of our best and brightest mechanics who meet regularly to refine the MCP methods and procedures in order to ensure the highest quality of service and safety.

If you have an elevator that’s new or old, big or small, whatever the case, we tailor our MCP to fit your needs. We are on your team!  It’s your elevator, and we have the best plan on the market to take care of it.

By Spencer

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