Leading-edge elevator service, that continually evolves to anticipate/meet/exceed customer’s dynamic needs. Progressive innovation that leverages human resources + technology efficiency to provide a stand-out service experience within the industry.


ELTEC Purpose:

Simplify Life. Maximize Time. Minimize Worry.

ELTEC Standard:

ELTEC is your trusted advisor.

We create peace-of-mind by ensuring:
Safe & smooth vertical transportation
Pro-active communication to keep you informed and in-tune with your building

ELTEC Commitment:

Committed to developing partnerships focused on keeping your building current, competitive and efficient.

Technicians service & repair your equipment with skill, pride and entrepreneurship that is fueled with the agility of being non-proprietary, as well as the leading independent elevator/escalator company in Seattle.

Choose Independence. Choose Partnership. Choose ELTEC.